Google Drive is definitely one of most popular online collaboration tools to work nowadays with cloud platforms – modern technology – from Google, the browser is extremely fast and excellent tools for creating and sharing documents. But you may not be eyeing a tool which is no less interesting – Dropbox Paper – formidable competitor of Google Drive. Let’s compare some of the interesting features of Paper with Drive to understand why Dropbox Paper deserves a rival which can surpass Drive offline in our latest digital information technology article


Freely drafting various types

Also an online editor, but again somewhat similar Paper Evernote and OneNote rather than Word. You can freely edit the content in all forms such as text, check box, image, or even a code – this application is not limited to the content format of the user.
Paper allows users to edit documents, in much more free forms

Meanwhile, inspired by Microsoft Word, Google Docs whenever opened, the straight lines basis is always available as to encourage the reader type, and just typing it. Google Docs is not to insert images or full flexibility margin cluster as Paper.

More streamlined interface

Google Docs, Sheets and Slides brings pleasant experience with lighter load, but since they continually added new features, these tools can sometimes cause you to have to wait a long time for finishing load all of them to use. Maybe the most visible discomfort with Google Slides or Sheets is when file contains too many tables and slides.

With Paper, your editor interface has removed all complex features to show the most rapid and minimalist. The menus and options will automatically disappear and reappear only when you move the mouse to.

Easily insert anything into the document

You want to transfer the content with more vividly realistic way but Google Docs or Microsoft Word are not supported? With Paper, you can easily insert videos from Youtube, audio from Soundcloud, a photograph or updates from Twitter, … an extremely impressive only by code embedded multimedia files.

The multimedia content can be inserted to run and view on Paper – you will no longer have to switch between pages’ tab to keep track anymore. The insert file saved in Dropbox or even Drive on Paper is also very simple to re-lookup facilities.

Optional share and collaborate smarter

Google Drive is truly a good application to share files and work collaboratively, but Dropbox Paper is even more exciting with options allowing to tag your friends like Facebook – whether they are used Dropbox or not.

As for the people who are sharing files, even with a Dropbox account or not, they can also choose to view, comment, and edit them via links to.

The interesting thing is that the tools to share and comment that comes up when moving mouse to, that will make you feel the designers always maintain the convenience for users above all.

Paper is not managed by Google

Although Dropbox also monitor your usage behavior, but Dropbox does not read the mail or your location information on Google Maps. So, the ability to use data to Dropbox on your file to run ads will probably be lower. You can try Paper – a flexible options, high-speed synchronization than Microsoft Word and help you reduce your anxiety about revealing too much personal data.


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